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About us

ManageIT Software House

ManageIT Software House

The service is provided by the ManageIT programming company from Warsaw, which specializes in creating internet applications for clients from Poland and abroad. The service enables the use of a free cell phone number for the purpose of sms communication enabling authorization and activation of your account on popular websites, including Facebook, Tinder, etc. The platform was made available by a team of ManageIT engineers without any fees or costs. The service is available to everyone, without exception.

Programming company

We have been creating high-quality applications for years. As evidenced by the service, which we provide completely free. We have many completed IT projects in our portfolio. Combining stationary and internet sales with one inventory? Internet service with the option of booking dates, listing ads? An original idea for a website with services? Advanced e-commerce system? We have done it all.

Dedicated software implementation

  • Implementation of websites, online stores, and applications,
  • Implementation of dedicated native applications,
  • Advanced system integrations,
  • Implementation of dedicated e-commerce systems based on PimCore or Magnolia CMS,
  • Analysis and support of organization processes, economic automation with the use of VBA,
  • IT systems support and maintenance services
  • Other programming services

What technologies do we use?

During work, we use modern and well-established technologies on the market such as Java, PHP, React, Angular, Node (and others), constantly providing IT systems and internet applications with a high level of security, is characterized by high performance and reliability.

How do we work?

We know the importance of constant contact between the contracting authority and the contractor. Both during the implementation and maintenance of the finished product, the customer receives the support of an experienced project manager. You can ask a question or clear a doubt at any time. Before starting programming work, a project specification is prepared that defines the expected result. When creating software, we engage clients in the implementation process. You can still make changes to the functionality at this stage. Before putting the product away, we thoroughly test the created software. We also provide application maintenance and support services. Despite the fact that the ManageIT team works internally in the Agile methodology, we cooperate with our clients both in the Agile methodology, the classic waterfall, as well as in the hybrid model. We constantly adapt to market expectations.

Why Polish developers?

We complete a balanced and experienced team of programmers for each project. We are proud that our efforts have been noticed on the international scene and the fact that, according to current research, Polish programmers are among the best in the world. In terms of skills, we are second only to programmers from China and Russia. Belonging to the European Union significantly facilitates our clients using our services. This enables us to provide services to companies, among others from Germany, the Netherlands or France.

Takeover and maintenance of the existing system

We provide audit services of existing systems. We migrate systems to new environments and offer attractive maintenance services. We take over existing systems and develop them. If necessary, we refactor fragments or prepare new implementations of whole modules. Please contact ManageIT programming company for further details.