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Software development company

Polish software house developing custom software for companies from all over the world. We specialize in web technologies, solving business problems with technology and UX-first design. Together we can create a digital masterpiece. Contact ManageIT

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SMS online service allows you to receive SMS messages in any location in the world, on any device with a web browser installed. It enables the possibility to pass the phone verification process without giving your actual phone number. We are currently maintaining 32 free online numbers prepared for receiving SMS and received over 52855 SMS messages for our user's benefit. Our service is allowing you to keep your private information to your self. Try it out today and you will know that is the best way to receive anonymous SMS or verification SMS without using your private number.

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Our service is currently receiving messages from such services as: TWITTER, DISCORD, AUTHMSG, FACEBOOK, Telegram, Amazon, Notify, FACEIT, PayPal, Infomessage, PINSMS, OLX, Google, Vinted, Instagram,, Facebook, TikTok, Proton, TINDER, GG Team, Verify, NOTICE, SHCLWH, Phone Code, Viber, OKru, Qsms, AMAZON, YUBO, VKcom, Shopee, NXSMS, MailRu, Uber, ICQ, TAOVIP, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Info, OKONTO, BAT, Apple, VERIFY, verify, paysafecard, Badoo, Microsoft. Feel free to use our service and pass authenticatication using one of our free numbers. Works with websites and mobile applications as well.

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Usage is very simple. Pick one of our free numbers and proceed to its page. You will see a list of recently received messages there. Send a new message or give this number to a service provider that is requiring phone verification. Use the refresh button to see new messages. Please be advised that not all service providers are sending these messages instantly. Therefore it may take up to 1 minute bevore we will receive it and will be able to publish it on

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The use of this free service is similar to the use of "10 minute mail" service. Just use one of the provided phone numbers and pass any verification process with ease. We strive to change available phone numbers on a weekly basis.

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We are living in an information society. Each one of us is asked for an email or phone number on a daily basis. So-called "free services" are constantly trying to retrieve as much personal data as possible. Our service is 100% free. We will not ask for any personal data.

firma programistyczna manageit

The service is provided by ManageIT Software House

As a programming company, we use various technologies on a daily basis to provide services to our clients. Every day, we use the knowledge, experience and internet publications of the IT community. As far as possible, we also like to go beyond the framework of a commercial programming company and give something more. That's what we were guided by when creating this page.

We invite you to use the service at And also to cooperate in your future projects.